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How To Train With Hand, Wrist and Ankle Weights

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Wearable resistence weights can have tremendous benefits on the effectiveness and intensity of your workout. They can improve muscle strength, flexibility, core stability and cardiovascular endurance.

“Wearing ankle weights boosts oxygens consumption by 5% to 10%.”

We incorporate hand, wrist and/or ankle weights into almost every one of our bounce, dance and sculpt workouts at Perspirology. In most formats, they most often come on when we’re in the sculpting portion of class, as they offer that extra challenge to exercises like assorted leg lifts, weighted arm exercises and full body circuit style exercises.

As you incorporate these sorts of weights into your workout, it’s important to understand both the benefits and safety measures to take when incorporating them.

Benefits of Wearable Weights

Increased Resistance - adding weights to your workout routine can increase resistance, which helps build muscle and burn more calories.

Improved Muscle Strength - exercising with weights helps build strength in muscles. By using hand, wrist, and ankle weights, you can specifically target and strengthen the muscles in those areas. This can lead to improved grip strength, stronger arm muscles, and increased leg strength.

Enhanced Cardiovascular Benefits - Using wearable resistance weights has been proven to increase your heart rate and boost oxygen consumption during exercise. Add a slightly heated room and perhaps even a trampoline to the workout mix, well you're in for one rewarding cardio performance challenge.

“Incorporating wrist weights into your workout raises your heart rate by five to 10 beats per minute.”

Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion - Incorporating hand, wrist, and ankle weights during stretching exercises can also help improve your flexibility and range of motion. By adding weights to your stretching routine, you can increase the resistance and challenge your muscles, leading to improved flexibility and a greater range of motion.

Convenience & Versatility - hand, wrist, and ankle weights are small and portable, making them a convenient addition to your workout routine. We offer them all in studio, ready to use or you can easily purchase them on our online store! Our resistence weights come in various sizes and weights, making it easy to adjust the weight as needed.

How (& When) To Use Wearable Weights

  1. If you have or are in the process of recovering from any injuries or balancing issues when exercising, talk to your doctor before you start incorporating weights.

  2. When using our signature wrist and ankle weights, use the adjustable straps to make sure your weights are tight and secure. This will help prevent chafing or throwing off your balance.

  3. When starting out, go with a lighter weight and slowly increase by one-pound increments.

  4. Take off the weight if it’s ever feeling like too much. Believe me, you will still get a GREAT workout in class!

  5. If you are incorporating our hand weights or wrist weight Tone-y bands, focus on controlled arm movements, making sure not to swing your arms too much. This puts stress on your joints. You can always take the movement under tempo and catch up to speed when you feel comfortable doing so.

  6. Do not keep weights on for extended periods of time, such as all day.

We’re grateful to our hand, wrist and ankle weights for making our workouts more challenge and thus more effective as we strive to have stronger and stronger bodies.

Whether you're in studio or working out at home, enjoy the purifying sweat that comes from a Perspirology class and may your weights support and challenge you gloriously you along the way.


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